ANUSHREE weds PIYUSH at a grand ceremony held across Jaipur Organized, Conceptualized & Executed by WEDNIKSHA- An Initiative of WIZCRAFT

Jaipur wedding hall Jaipur wedding hall ANUSHREE and  PIYUSH Jaipur wedding

Piyush Nyati tied the knot with Anushree Biyani at a grand wedding event conceptualized and executed by Wedniksha.

The Welcome Lunch and the Milni Ceremony took place at the Sapphire Ballroom of the prestigious Mariott Hotel. The guests were put up in The Lalit Jaipur, a 5-star deluxe hotel. Guests enjoyed the spacious rooms and the refreshing pools. The Sangeet Ceremony was held at the Jaigarh Fort, which was built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1726. The guests were regaled with performances by Aditi Singh Sharma & Band. DJ Naved played out the latest numbers which had the guests dancing with joy. A delicious Carnival Lunch was held at Bardiya Farms, where the guests from both families played a friendly cricket match.

Piyush Nyati tied the knot with Anushree Biyani

Wedniksha created a first-of-its-kind audio-visual event where a designer was hired to create a customized Cape for the Groom. The A shaped Cape was 16 feet in height and 20 feet in width. It was made of thick treated satin, with a little embellishment just around the neck. The Movie began with classic, antique looking maps of the two kingdoms along with their respective shields. Wedniksha then went on to depict how these two lovers have always come together in marriage in every birth. The Movie ended with the lights coming on and the revelation of the Bride & Groom to the audience.

For the first time ever, Wedniksha conceptualized and created a Larger than Life 20 Feet high three-mirror (closed triangle) type Modern Day Kaleidoscope with a depth of 16 feet, with colourful LED Panels displaying continuously changing designs. The Kaleidoscope was placed in one of the courtyards of the Jaigarh Fort as entertainment for guests during the Sangeet Ceremony Evening in Jaipur. The Audiovisual broadcasted a custom made story of Jaigarh Fort along with graphically creative kaleidoscope inspired visuals. The guests were mesmerized by these two innovations executed flawlessly by Wedniksha’s expert event planning team.

ANUSHREE and  PIYUSH Jaipur wedding ANUSHREE and  PIYUSH Jaipur wedding ANUSHREE and  PIYUSH Jaipur wedding ANUSHREE and  PIYUSH Jaipur wedding

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